10 things you didn’t know about me (probably)

Number one:

I’m a HUUGE potterhead! Actually, I ordered my Ravenclaw-robe today… Yeey ❤



Number two:

I love fashion. But I don’t think people see it, ’cause I’m not the ordinary fashion-freak. I would love to work with fashion, though. But I’m not as talented as a designer should be, and I’m not photogenic AT ALL, and I’m not pretty enough, so I could never be a model. Even though people tell me all the time that I have the body to do it…

Number three:

I’m addicted to music. And sugar. And maybe internet too, I guess.

Number four:

My grades are superb, and therefore, everybody thinks I’m a nerd. And I’m a bookworm, DELUXE!

Want this SO BAD!

Number five:

I love photography! Why are cameras so expensive?? 😦 I usually use my family’s camera (Canon Eos 350d), but I want my own 😛

(Yes, it’s me, in Barcelona)

Number six:

I’ve never been in love.

Number seven:

I’ve had several blogs before this. 6 blogs + two tumblrs, actually.

Number eight:

I wish I was a good blogger. And that my blog was more popular. But no, I’m not. I am a really bad blogger, and not the type you usually think would blog. And neither is my blog popular.

Number nine:

I’m extremely lazy. Seriously, I am.

Number ten:

I love Marthe Bøe Rustand. She is the coolest girl I know, with the best style ever! Love u ❤






If you didn’t understand it, the last one was requested.

So here’s the real number ten:

I’m crazy. Simply crazy!






Well… This was probably a very interesting entry, right? (NOT!) But I didn’t have anything else to blog about. Though, what do you think? Should I do this more often? Similar entries? Comment with alternatives, and I’ll be superhappy!



Good night!