Let it snow, let it snow

Look what I woke up to yesterday! Snow, heavenly snow!

Right before today’s sunset

And finally, a picture that actually shows all the snow. Unfortunately, the weather forecast seems to not like snow. Because tomorrow, it is supposed to be +8 degrees Celsius and rain. Boooh, I don’t like rain! I want my lovely snow! My precioousssss!


//snow/photographers: my brother and myself/outside my house, Norway//



Tomorrow it’s Halloween… And my only plan is to watch either Nightmare before Christmas or a Harry Potter movie. Or maybe Corpse Bride? Dunno, we’ll see. What’s your plan?



Let’s play a game! Let’s play “Haaaave you met Ted?”

The title is a reference to HIMYM, yes it is!

But anyway, I want you to meet Fredrik. He is as old as me, and plays clarinet. Just like me! He was at band camp last week, and I also play in the Region-Orchestra/Band with him. Fredrik is a really nice guy, and if you haven’t met him: Bad luck 🙂


Fredrik and Desiré! Both wonderful, wonderful people 🙂


Hello, there! (Here you have me, Fredrik, Desiré and Frida! Miss you guys <3)



This is his twitter profile, but I don’t think he uses it much. Maybe not at all, but I give you it anyways 🙂





So! Haaave you met Fredrik?





PS! Do you want to be the next person we meet in “Haaaave you met Ted ?” Comment on this post, or send me a message! Maybe you are the lucky person?



Like a waving flag

My nails last week! I decided to paint each nail with the flag of a country I’ve been to. From the top on the first picture:

France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Croatia

The second picture:

Ireland, Great Britain, Spain, Italy and Norway



What do you think?