November 7th – If I had the power of time travelling, I would

If I had the power of time travelling, I would:


– Have a dinosaur as a pet

– Take art classes with DaVinci

– Learn to write music from Bach and Mozart

– Play/sing with big bands in New Orleans

– Rewrite history

– Be an assassin like in Dark Brotherhood (Skyrim) or in Assassins Creed

– Watch the earth’s birth and death

– See Titanic sail off from the harbour

– change previous mistakes in my own life

– See if ever Jesus lived at all

– Help Noah collect all the animals, and make sure the Unicorns get their spot

– Helped and set Jeanne d’Arc free

– Helped out in the 2nd Wizarding World (1998)

– Help out all the refugees from WWI and II

– Be 11 again, and start at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

– See how my parents and grand parents were when they were little

– Be a pirate

– Get to know my best friends when I was even younger, so we could have even more fabulous memories together!

– Help Darwin discover the Origin of Species

– Help Colombus find the real way to India

– Be a japanese Samurai

– Be the first person to try out teleporting and hovercrafts

– Be the inventor of electricity, computers, telephones and Internet.

– TAKE OVER THE WORLD! Mohahhahahahahah




If you had the power of time travelling, what would you do?