November 8th – Nature


Just a little nature-inspiration for todays challenge. Going to bed now, I have this big test tomorrow. Wish me luck!





November 6th – Pictures from my last trip abroad

That must be France. I was there this summer, together with my “cousin” (she is really my secound cousin), Telma. She is half french, so we stayed with her family there. We had so much fun! Seriously, I NEED to go back. Anyone with me?


Wee, I made it! It’s now 2 minutes to 12 AM! 🙂 Talk to you later, alligators!



At school

Just finished my french-test. So therefore, I decided to make a little inspo-post. Here are (as usual) a bunch of ispirational pictures. Enjoy!


inspiration; today is random too

I’m going to a funeral now, so I’m not sure if I will post more today…




This is a lovely bunch of people, I tell you

Some of the people I’ve been to band camp with this summer! If you come from Norway and play an instrument, I recommend going to NMF’s summer camps. It is the highlight of the summer, you learn a lot about music and get tons of new friends. At the camp I was, there were over 110 people, and I miss them all so much! Some of them more than others, naturally… I came home on sunday, and yesterday I went to the cinema. Guess which movie?

nananannaan BATMAAAN!

Or, as it says in the title: The Dark Knight Rises. Have anyone else seen it? I thought it was a really good movie, but maybe a bit long? Or?

Anyways, I just wanted to make this post and say (to the people on the pictures, and all the other people I was on camp with): I MISS YOU SO MUCH!


Guess where I’m going on thursday!

Back in Norway now, but I’m leaving again on Thursday! Guess where?


And not just that, I’m going with my second cousin, who also is a really, really good friend of mine!

This is me and her, when we went downhill skiing this winter. Can’t wait, Telma! 🙂




What are your plans for the summer?

Like a waving flag

My nails last week! I decided to paint each nail with the flag of a country I’ve been to. From the top on the first picture:

France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Croatia

The second picture:

Ireland, Great Britain, Spain, Italy and Norway



What do you think?




Another update

Still in Barcelona, still in an absolutely beautiful city! After walking up Las Ramblas we went to a tapas-restaurant, where we ate delicious food like chorizo sausages, brie (cheese) and serrano ham. And Crema Catalana for dessert, yum!
After dinner, we went to Sagrada Família. On the way we saw some of Gaudi’s other buildings, like La Pedrera. Gaudi was an amazing architect! Quite mad, but brilliant as well. Definately going to go back to Sagrada Família tomorrow, and see if I can get a look inside!
Coming more soon! And also pictures when I get home 😀 (We leave Spain on Friday evening)
Adios, amigos!