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Things I want right now
Wants right now



All collages are made by me, and that’s why they’re not so good. But I think it’s fun, and practise makes perfect! ūüôā





Anneli and me wants this!

Can anyone buy this for me and my friend??? We would be forever grateful! Until it comes new things we want. Haha, enjoy! ūüôā

Wants right now

American Apparel vintage shirt
115 NOK¬†–¬†

Oversized sweater
265 NOK¬†–¬†

Clu crop top
515 NOK¬†–¬†

Blonde Blonde graphic tank
150 NOK¬†–¬†

Illustrated People crop top
280 NOK¬†–¬†

Wildfox Couture crop top
555 NOK¬†–¬†

Crop top

River island
465 NOK¬†–¬†

Levi’s Made & Crafted skinny jeans
1.090 NOK¬†–¬†

DVb Victoria Beckham skinny jeans
1.630 NOK¬†–¬†

Bardot skinny jeans
900 NOK¬†–¬†

Jeffrey Campbell high heels
1.260 NOK¬†–¬†

Jeffrey campbell
1.620 NOK¬†–¬†

Jeffrey Campbell high heels
1.340 NOK¬†–¬†

Jeffrey Campbell high heels
1.045 NOK¬†–¬†

Moschino Cheap Chic leather handbag
6.065 NOK¬†–¬†

Proenza Schouler leather satchel
11.465 NOK¬†–¬†

Leather jewelry
150 NOK¬†–¬†

Ax pari
65 NOK¬†–¬†

Pearl ring
74 NOK¬†–¬†

435 NOK¬†–¬†

Miso stackable ring
46 NOK¬†–¬†

Alexander wang
2.265 NOK¬†–¬†

Knitted scarve
185 NOK¬†–¬†

Dorothy perkin
63 NOK¬†–¬†


Cheeta style

I seriously need to become better with colours. I never use colours (almost, haha). Black&White-love!

But here’s a little collage I made now. I want thiiiiiis! Can someone be nice and buy it for me?

Like a Cheeta

Slim pants
835 NOK¬†–¬†

High top shoes
1.415 NOK¬†–¬†

J√©r√īme Dreyfuss shoulder handbag
4.710 NOK¬†–¬†

Spike jewelry
150 NOK¬†–¬†

Forever New pave stud earrings
78 NOK¬†–¬†

Ray Ban ray ban
835 NOK¬†–¬†

Vintage eyewear

So, that’s it for now. Talk to you guys later!


Things I want now

Things I want right now

Zara studded jacket
2.305 NOK¬†–¬†

Jeffrey Campbell leather boots
1.205 NOK¬†–¬†

Jeffrey Campbell high heel boots
1.380 NOK¬†–¬†

Christian louboutin heels
6.210 NOK¬†–¬†

Chanel rhinestone necklace

Bakers spike jewelry
69 NOK¬†–¬†

Feather necklace
105 NOK¬†–¬†

Pendant necklace
125 NOK¬†–¬†

Zara Simon cross jewelry
1.035 NOK¬†–¬†

These are things I really want right now… ūüôā