November 27th – Sweet Fifteen, at last

Sorry for no blogging these past days, I’ve been so stressed and busy. But today is something else: I’TS MY BIRTHDAAAY! I’m finally fifteen, which means I don’t have to feel so small all the time! My best friends are all (except from one, her birthday is in one month) older than me; some with almost 1 year, others with almost 3. Yeah, you probably see why I feel so young. And I don’t like being the little one! 😦

But since I’ve missed a few days of my challenge, I thought I could make a post with something from each challenge I’ve missed later! But now, I have to go, I have a LOT of homeworks and exams these days which I really need to prepare to…









November 23rd – A book I think everybody should read

I’m going to make this a list, because there is so many lovely books!

– Harry Potter (all books)

– Hunger Games (all books)

– Numbers (all books)

– The boy in the striped pyjamas (So saad! 😦 )

– Gone (all books)

– Anne Frank’s Diary

– Nancy Drew – I’ve read loads, and think they actually are really funny 🙂

– Hardy Boys – Same as above

– Harry Hole ( A norwegian serie by Jo Nesbø, but it is available in English too! ) All the books have different names, and the names haven’t got anything to do with Harry Hole, but that is the name of the main character 😉


And some books I haven’t yet read, but I’m going to as soon as possible:


– Lord Of The Rings + the Hobbit

– The Mortal Instruments

– Divergent

Any others I should read? I’ve read LOADS of other books too, though, but I didn’t remember any more to put here…

I’m tired now, so I’ll go to bed. Night, guys!


November 22nd – Spotify Playlist

(edit: it didn’t work to get the playlist into the post, so just click the link – jul – below)


My Christmas playlist! “Jul” is the Norwegian word for Christmas, if you didn’t know. Some of these songs are in norwegian, and some in English. I think there’s even a spanish one or two! Haha, enjoy your christmas time! (Yeah, I know it’s over a month ’till Christmas. But it’s cosy nonetheless)


November 21st – Something I really want right now

I want:

– That the exams I’ve got now goes well



– A better friendship with the people at my school (All my friends now are from other places)


Wants this autumn

– To meet all my favourite actors and actresses

– To play in a movie or a tv-show… That would be so much fun!


Shoes I want

– Full Hogwart’s uniform(Ravenclaw)

– Jewelry! Especially statement rings, necklaces and studded things



– Books! Many, many books 🙂


At least, this is some of the things I want! Lucky me, birthday next week and Christmas soon, too! :3 (don’t think I’ll get so much of this, though)





November 20th – Three (two) blogs I read daily



1. Fashiontoast ~Rumi Neely



2. Bianca I España (Means “Bianca in España/Spain) ~ ~ Bianca Nustad




I don’t really have a third blog I read on a daily basis, but I also visit “”, “”, “” and “” quite often. 🙂




Now, I’m trying to make som invitations for prom. The prom-committee at school asked me if I could, and since I don’t have so much else to do right now, I said yes. (And yes, that was ironic… ) Any ideas, guys?



November 19th – Someone who takes inspiring pictures

I always get inspired by Fashiontoast, but since I’ve already made a post about her, I will dedicate this post to someone other;  ~ Bianca Nustad. She takes wonderful pictures, and she is a beautiful girl! She’s originally from Norway, but she lives in Spain now, and takes pictures of her life there. Definately worth a look!






All pictures are found at her blog, as named earlier.



See you later, alligators!






November 17th – My favourite shoes

I LOVE SHOES! Unfortunately, I have really few of them. Usually, I borrow my mother’s shoes, ’cause we’re the same size, but I really want some of my own too. I have two pairs of high heeled boots, one pair of flat-ish boots, one pair of Dr. Martens, sandals/flip flops and different types of sport shoes (hiking shoes, running shoes etc). Yeah, not very many. So, instead of showing my shoes, I will show you shoes I want! Let’s get started! 🙂

Shoes I want

Will you by me some of these? Then I’d be grateful forever! Haha:P Now, I’m really tired. A friend of mine celebrated her birthday today, so I’ve been at her place this evening. Came home about 2 hours ago, and now I’ve made this and a couple of other posts for you guys! Also, it’s almost 2.30 AM here. Therefore, I shall go to bed now… Talk to you later, alligators!




November 16th – Quotes, Words of wisdom and random texts

I’ll simply just let the pictures speak for themselves.