Christmas Special No. 2

Today, for the Christmas Special, I wanted to share a playlist with you. It’s full of Christmas music, in both English and Norwegian… I think there is a bit of Spanish there too, actually! Anyways, in addition to post it here in this post, you can find it in the side menu (right hand side) at all times.  I absolutely adore Christmas music… Especially now that it is snow outside and only a matter of days until Christmas Eve.

Well, here it is. Enjoy!

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Christmas Special No.1

Hi guys! As you may have noticed, I have been off this blog for a while. I thought some of you maybe wanted a reason, and here it is: Exams. Yuck! I really, really hate them! But when they’re so important as they are, you can’t just ignore them complitely!

Since my holiday is in only 4 days, Christmas Eve is in a week and New Years is only two weeks away, I thought I should make a Christmas Special! This will be the first of several, and they can include all things that has something to do with Christmas. For example, I can make a post about my Christmas Traditions and the traditional Norwegian Christmas, or post Christmas Songs I love to listen to or like this post, a picture spam/inspiration post. I hope you’ll appreciate it, and maybe get a little bit more of that Christmas Spirit we’re always looking for. I’ll let the pictures speak the rest for themselves!

Night, guys…. Going to bed now, it’s almost 12AM here. And I have my last, exam tomorrow.





A few of the pictures is taken from, btw… I promise you that you’ll find quite a few amazing nail designs there. Worth a look! The rest is from , so I’m not sure of their origins! 😉

November 22nd – Spotify Playlist

(edit: it didn’t work to get the playlist into the post, so just click the link – jul – below)


My Christmas playlist! “Jul” is the Norwegian word for Christmas, if you didn’t know. Some of these songs are in norwegian, and some in English. I think there’s even a spanish one or two! Haha, enjoy your christmas time! (Yeah, I know it’s over a month ’till Christmas. But it’s cosy nonetheless)


November 10th – Before I die, I want to

Well, this will be a huge post, with only pictures. Might take a while, but enjoy!




Late Night Photospam

I’m going to bed soon, but here’s a little late night photo post!





Randomness again

Must do some homwork now, so this is just a little post until I can make a “real” one later…




At school… As usual…

And it is boring. Therefore, I decided to make an inspiration post, since I haven’t got any other pictures on this computer.



At school

Just finished my french-test. So therefore, I decided to make a little inspo-post. Here are (as usual) a bunch of ispirational pictures. Enjoy!


inspiration; today is random too

I’m going to a funeral now, so I’m not sure if I will post more today…