Christmas Special No.1

Hi guys! As you may have noticed, I have been off this blog for a while. I thought some of you maybe wanted a reason, and here it is: Exams. Yuck! I really, really hate them! But when they’re so important as they are, you can’t just ignore them complitely!

Since my holiday is in only 4 days, Christmas Eve is in a week and New Years is only two weeks away, I thought I should make a Christmas Special! This will be the first of several, and they can include all things that has something to do with Christmas. For example, I can make a post about my Christmas Traditions and the traditional Norwegian Christmas, or post Christmas Songs I love to listen to or like this post, a picture spam/inspiration post. I hope you’ll appreciate it, and maybe get a little bit more of that Christmas Spirit we’re always looking for. I’ll let the pictures speak the rest for themselves!

Night, guys…. Going to bed now, it’s almost 12AM here. And I have my last, exam tomorrow.





A few of the pictures is taken from, btw… I promise you that you’ll find quite a few amazing nail designs there. Worth a look! The rest is from , so I’m not sure of their origins! 😉


November 21st – Something I really want right now

I want:

– That the exams I’ve got now goes well



– A better friendship with the people at my school (All my friends now are from other places)


Wants this autumn

– To meet all my favourite actors and actresses

– To play in a movie or a tv-show… That would be so much fun!


Shoes I want

– Full Hogwart’s uniform(Ravenclaw)

– Jewelry! Especially statement rings, necklaces and studded things



– Books! Many, many books 🙂


At least, this is some of the things I want! Lucky me, birthday next week and Christmas soon, too! :3 (don’t think I’ll get so much of this, though)





November 20th – Three (two) blogs I read daily



1. Fashiontoast ~Rumi Neely



2. Bianca I España (Means “Bianca in España/Spain) ~ ~ Bianca Nustad




I don’t really have a third blog I read on a daily basis, but I also visit “”, “”, “” and “” quite often. 🙂




Now, I’m trying to make som invitations for prom. The prom-committee at school asked me if I could, and since I don’t have so much else to do right now, I said yes. (And yes, that was ironic… ) Any ideas, guys?



inspiration; polyvore

interior - down to earth-ish
le noir et le rouge
Batman Style
Things I want right now
Wants right now



All collages are made by me, and that’s why they’re not so good. But I think it’s fun, and practise makes perfect! 🙂




Yesterday ~ Runi’s birthday

Yesterday, Runi celebrated her 17th birthday. Therefore, she invited me and a couple of others to celebrate with her! It was really nice, we laughed, ate, played Trivial Pursuit (haha) and just had a really good time. And took pictures, of course! Here’s a few of them 🙂

The always-so-lovely Hedda and myself

Jon Henrik is deeply concentrating on the music, while Hedda…. Well…. She is Hedda…

“The beautiful, surprised paparazzi-victim” ~ starring : Oda


The birthday girl!

Now, I’m going to bed. Toodles!


November 17th – My favourite shoes

I LOVE SHOES! Unfortunately, I have really few of them. Usually, I borrow my mother’s shoes, ’cause we’re the same size, but I really want some of my own too. I have two pairs of high heeled boots, one pair of flat-ish boots, one pair of Dr. Martens, sandals/flip flops and different types of sport shoes (hiking shoes, running shoes etc). Yeah, not very many. So, instead of showing my shoes, I will show you shoes I want! Let’s get started! 🙂

Shoes I want

Will you by me some of these? Then I’d be grateful forever! Haha:P Now, I’m really tired. A friend of mine celebrated her birthday today, so I’ve been at her place this evening. Came home about 2 hours ago, and now I’ve made this and a couple of other posts for you guys! Also, it’s almost 2.30 AM here. Therefore, I shall go to bed now… Talk to you later, alligators!




November 10th – Before I die, I want to

Well, this will be a huge post, with only pictures. Might take a while, but enjoy!




November 7th – If I had the power of time travelling, I would

If I had the power of time travelling, I would:


– Have a dinosaur as a pet

– Take art classes with DaVinci

– Learn to write music from Bach and Mozart

– Play/sing with big bands in New Orleans

– Rewrite history

– Be an assassin like in Dark Brotherhood (Skyrim) or in Assassins Creed

– Watch the earth’s birth and death

– See Titanic sail off from the harbour

– change previous mistakes in my own life

– See if ever Jesus lived at all

– Help Noah collect all the animals, and make sure the Unicorns get their spot

– Helped and set Jeanne d’Arc free

– Helped out in the 2nd Wizarding World (1998)

– Help out all the refugees from WWI and II

– Be 11 again, and start at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

– See how my parents and grand parents were when they were little

– Be a pirate

– Get to know my best friends when I was even younger, so we could have even more fabulous memories together!

– Help Darwin discover the Origin of Species

– Help Colombus find the real way to India

– Be a japanese Samurai

– Be the first person to try out teleporting and hovercrafts

– Be the inventor of electricity, computers, telephones and Internet.

– TAKE OVER THE WORLD! Mohahhahahahahah




If you had the power of time travelling, what would you do?



November 3rd – My favourite clothes

For todays challenge I just took pictures of a bunch with clothes that I love, and I’ll post them here and write a bit about every one. Sorry for short posts nowadays, today I’m seriously tired.Yeah, Lord of the Rings-night-marathon really ruins your sleep patterns, haven’t slept for almost 40 hours. But I had a really good time with some really cool people! Anyways, back to some of my favourite clothes:

My vintage army-ish jacket/shirt. It’s really a thick shirt, but in the summer, I use it as a jacket. Love it! I think it’s from the 80’s, and it used to be my mother’s back then! 🙂

High Waist Vintage Leather skirt, from the 80’s. Belonged to my aunt before!

Old-fashioned (but quite new) tweed blazer from H&M. Absolutely love this one!

My beloved Beatles-singlet. Just can’t say how much I love wearing this, it’s so stylish and comfortable at the same time!

Desigual shirt, bought in Spain this summer. Love combinding this with either a pair of bright red or bright blue jeans! (Or shorts, in the summer, ofc)

My grand mother got this made for her in the 1950’s. It’s a blazer-ish jacket with matching skirt, and it is absolutely beautiful! It’s quite old, so I’m really careful with it. I’m sometimes using the blazer as a regular blazer, when the skirt is a bit “hard to wear” these days. I almost never use skirts, even though I tink it’s really pretty, haha!

A floaty, long, slik/satin skirt which I bought for aproximately 5 dollars (Amazing, right?) in a store here in Hønefoss. I love it, because it is funky, classic, casual and party-ish at the same time! A really good purchase!

Seriously, I LOVE my leather jackets!

Black Vintage Leather Jacket, kind-of Michael Jackson-style-ish, 1980’s (Was my mothers)

Red Vintage Leather Jacket, oversized, 1980’s, my aunt

Blue-grey Vintage Leather Jacket, kind-of American Baseball Jacket-inspired, unknown decade (Got it from one of the people we were living with in France this summer

Black Leather Jacket, woollen inside, new this year. Originally around 450-500 $, got it for 130 $ 🙂



Well, that was enough for today. I HAVE to sleep now… See you later, alligators!