Christmas Special No.1

Hi guys! As you may have noticed, I have been off this blog for a while. I thought some of you maybe wanted a reason, and here it is: Exams. Yuck! I really, really hate them! But when they’re so important as they are, you can’t just ignore them complitely!

Since my holiday is in only 4 days, Christmas Eve is in a week and New Years is only two weeks away, I thought I should make a Christmas Special! This will be the first of several, and they can include all things that has something to do with Christmas. For example, I can make a post about my Christmas Traditions and the traditional Norwegian Christmas, or post Christmas Songs I love to listen to or like this post, a picture spam/inspiration post. I hope you’ll appreciate it, and maybe get a little bit more of that Christmas Spirit we’re always looking for. I’ll let the pictures speak the rest for themselves!

Night, guys…. Going to bed now, it’s almost 12AM here. And I have my last, exam tomorrow.





A few of the pictures is taken from, btw… I promise you that you’ll find quite a few amazing nail designs there. Worth a look! The rest is from , so I’m not sure of their origins! 😉


November 23rd – A book I think everybody should read

I’m going to make this a list, because there is so many lovely books!

– Harry Potter (all books)

– Hunger Games (all books)

– Numbers (all books)

– The boy in the striped pyjamas (So saad! 😦 )

– Gone (all books)

– Anne Frank’s Diary

– Nancy Drew – I’ve read loads, and think they actually are really funny 🙂

– Hardy Boys – Same as above

– Harry Hole ( A norwegian serie by Jo Nesbø, but it is available in English too! ) All the books have different names, and the names haven’t got anything to do with Harry Hole, but that is the name of the main character 😉


And some books I haven’t yet read, but I’m going to as soon as possible:


– Lord Of The Rings + the Hobbit

– The Mortal Instruments

– Divergent

Any others I should read? I’ve read LOADS of other books too, though, but I didn’t remember any more to put here…

I’m tired now, so I’ll go to bed. Night, guys!


November 16th – Quotes, Words of wisdom and random texts

I’ll simply just let the pictures speak for themselves.