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le noir et le rouge
Batman Style
Things I want right now
Wants right now



All collages are made by me, and that’s why they’re not so good. But I think it’s fun, and practise makes perfect! 🙂





November 7th – If I had the power of time travelling, I would

If I had the power of time travelling, I would:


– Have a dinosaur as a pet

– Take art classes with DaVinci

– Learn to write music from Bach and Mozart

– Play/sing with big bands in New Orleans

– Rewrite history

– Be an assassin like in Dark Brotherhood (Skyrim) or in Assassins Creed

– Watch the earth’s birth and death

– See Titanic sail off from the harbour

– change previous mistakes in my own life

– See if ever Jesus lived at all

– Help Noah collect all the animals, and make sure the Unicorns get their spot

– Helped and set Jeanne d’Arc free

– Helped out in the 2nd Wizarding World (1998)

– Help out all the refugees from WWI and II

– Be 11 again, and start at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

– See how my parents and grand parents were when they were little

– Be a pirate

– Get to know my best friends when I was even younger, so we could have even more fabulous memories together!

– Help Darwin discover the Origin of Species

– Help Colombus find the real way to India

– Be a japanese Samurai

– Be the first person to try out teleporting and hovercrafts

– Be the inventor of electricity, computers, telephones and Internet.

– TAKE OVER THE WORLD! Mohahhahahahahah




If you had the power of time travelling, what would you do?



This is Halloween, this is Halloween!






Happy Halloween, guys! Mohaahhahahaha


Preview art project

Here’s a little preview on my portrait for art class… We were supposed to draw a portrait of a co student, so this is one of the girls in my class. What do you think? It’s not complitely done yet, but it’s a start. And this is just a scan of a copy fo the drawing, it looks better IRL. But overall, it needs some more work! Haha 🙂