The day before the day

Today is the 23rd of December. In Norway, we call this day for “Lille Julaften”, or translated to English, “Little Christmas Eve”. For us, this is the day before the day. We celebrate Christmas on the 24th, on Christmas Eve, not on Christmas Day like in England, for example. Christmas Eve, tomorrow, is the day we go to church, have a big dinner with our families and open presents in the evening. Although, not everyone goes to church, I only do it because of the band I’m playing in (our School Band/Marching Band) plays there every year.



This was our Christmas tree two years ago. We had half our family visiting, so we couldn’t fit all the presents under the tree (as you can see)




Myself, my cousin and my little brother on Christmas Eve two years ago. My brother hates to dress nicely and properly, so excuse him for his terrible, out-washed t-shirt…


Christmas Eve is a really great day. In the morning, I start with opening my advent calendar. Then I go downstairs and watch some Christmas Classics, just like I do every year. Traditions are wonderful! For us, Christmas really starts on the 24th at 5 PM. After that, we eat loads of food, often together with family. And then, it’s presents time!  I like to sit around the tree and watch the others open their presents. It’s nice to see how they react, lots of funny faces. 🙂




This is 6 years ago. So proud, I got a Tamagotchi!


We’ve just finished decorating this years tree now, so I was supposed to post a picture. But I can’t find the thing I need to download the pictures from my camera to my computer. Therefore, you’ll see it later. Now, I’m going to watch another of our Christmas traditions, a Norwegian show called “Kvelden før kvelden” ( “The evening before the evening”, roughly translated).



Myself, one of my dogs and my brother, Christmas 2008. Look, how young! Haha 🙂


Bye, guys! Merry Christmas, and I’ll talk to you again soon!




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