November 23rd – A book I think everybody should read

I’m going to make this a list, because there is so many lovely books!

– Harry Potter (all books)

– Hunger Games (all books)

– Numbers (all books)

– The boy in the striped pyjamas (So saad! 😦 )

– Gone (all books)

– Anne Frank’s Diary

– Nancy Drew – I’ve read loads, and think they actually are really funny 🙂

– Hardy Boys – Same as above

– Harry Hole ( A norwegian serie by Jo Nesbø, but it is available in English too! ) All the books have different names, and the names haven’t got anything to do with Harry Hole, but that is the name of the main character 😉


And some books I haven’t yet read, but I’m going to as soon as possible:


– Lord Of The Rings + the Hobbit

– The Mortal Instruments

– Divergent

Any others I should read? I’ve read LOADS of other books too, though, but I didn’t remember any more to put here…

I’m tired now, so I’ll go to bed. Night, guys!



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