November 3rd – My favourite clothes

For todays challenge I just took pictures of a bunch with clothes that I love, and I’ll post them here and write a bit about every one. Sorry for short posts nowadays, today I’m seriously tired.Yeah, Lord of the Rings-night-marathon really ruins your sleep patterns, haven’t slept for almost 40 hours. But I had a really good time with some really cool people! Anyways, back to some of my favourite clothes:

My vintage army-ish jacket/shirt. It’s really a thick shirt, but in the summer, I use it as a jacket. Love it! I think it’s from the 80’s, and it used to be my mother’s back then! 🙂

High Waist Vintage Leather skirt, from the 80’s. Belonged to my aunt before!

Old-fashioned (but quite new) tweed blazer from H&M. Absolutely love this one!

My beloved Beatles-singlet. Just can’t say how much I love wearing this, it’s so stylish and comfortable at the same time!

Desigual shirt, bought in Spain this summer. Love combinding this with either a pair of bright red or bright blue jeans! (Or shorts, in the summer, ofc)

My grand mother got this made for her in the 1950’s. It’s a blazer-ish jacket with matching skirt, and it is absolutely beautiful! It’s quite old, so I’m really careful with it. I’m sometimes using the blazer as a regular blazer, when the skirt is a bit “hard to wear” these days. I almost never use skirts, even though I tink it’s really pretty, haha!

A floaty, long, slik/satin skirt which I bought for aproximately 5 dollars (Amazing, right?) in a store here in Hønefoss. I love it, because it is funky, classic, casual and party-ish at the same time! A really good purchase!

Seriously, I LOVE my leather jackets!

Black Vintage Leather Jacket, kind-of Michael Jackson-style-ish, 1980’s (Was my mothers)

Red Vintage Leather Jacket, oversized, 1980’s, my aunt

Blue-grey Vintage Leather Jacket, kind-of American Baseball Jacket-inspired, unknown decade (Got it from one of the people we were living with in France this summer

Black Leather Jacket, woollen inside, new this year. Originally around 450-500 $, got it for 130 $ 🙂



Well, that was enough for today. I HAVE to sleep now… See you later, alligators!



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