November 2nd – 5 things I don’t like about myself

I should be asleep now, I’m going to a LOTR-marathon at the cinema later. Over 12 hours of LOTR, here I come! 😀


Over to the challenge:

1. I’m waaaay too lazy, and I spend to much time on my computer.

2. I’m terrible at saving money!

3. I have a little problem talking to other people my age, who don’t have the same interests that I have. Adults and small children are no problem, but when it comes to other teens, I feel uncomfortable and quite shy. I just feel stupid, and have no idea what to talk about or how to act.

4. I eat too much sugar and other unhealthy food thingies. Yeah, I’m not healthy or sporty -.-

5. The way I look. I simply don’t like it. Especially my skin, I hate it!




Really quick, I know.. And sorry for no pictures, I HAVE to go to sleep now. See you later, alligators!



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