November 1st – 5 things I like about myself

We start off the challenge positively: 5 things I like about myself! Not so much to say about that, so let’s start!


1. I’m quite smart, and a quick learner. I do well at school and similar things!

2. I have a little talent for music. Not for a special instrument or anything, but I’m definately not tone deaf! I come from a very musical family, so I’ve pretty much grown up with music all around me.

3. I’m really bad at talking bad about others. I can’t stand it, unless I really hate them(because of something they did to me etc)! And I guess that’s a positive thing.

4. I’m quite tall and really skinny (even though I wish I were much taller, I come from a family with many giants or something 😛 ). I like that, but sometimes it can be hard finding clothes that fits, of course. I also love the fact that I have seriously long legs!

me and my second cousin in Paris (as you can see) this summer

5. I’m quite creative, and have a small talent for writing too. I really want to work with something creative when I grow up, maybe with architecture? Or maybe work as a costume designer or scenographer at a theatre! I would love that!


I’m to tired to make more posts today, I came home from musical practise (Fame!) just about 15 minutes ago… New challenge tomorrow!


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