Prom soon!

And I need help to pick a dress! These are someone I would really like to have. But which one is YOUR favourite?

Nr. 1

This one is really nice! But maybe in another colour?

Nr. 2

This one is nice too. I really like black, hehe! I think the beading is quite nice, and the dress is not over-the-top, which is important to me.

Nr. 3

My 1st runner up, my second favourite. It’s so beautiful and elegant!

Nr. 4

B-e-a-utiful! Gracious, elegant and fabolous. Hehe!

And finally, nr. 5

This one is absolutely fantastic! Definately my favourite so far, hehe 🙂 Love it! I’ll probably choose a dark, dark navy-colour instead of black, though. ‘Cause black is, well….. black. And black is, well…. not a happy colour. And the Yule Ball (our prom) is about fun and happiness! Haha 😛

What do you think?



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