I’ve actually been kind-of sporty this holiday! I’ve been in the mountains the whole time (28th of September to 7th of October), therefore no posts ere for a long time now. But now I’m back! Here are a few pictures from some of our hiking trips!



Photographers: Dad, my second cousin Telma and myself

“Model-thingys”: Mum, Dad, my little brother Magnus, my brothers friend Gjermund, my second cousin Telma and the dogs Lucy and Victor (Telma’s), Oprah, Shanti, Petite and Elle (my neighbour’s) + Luna and Lexie (my dogs)…




See you later, alligator!



8 thoughts on “Look!

    • Takk! Ja, Synnfjellet er vakkert. Og hundene er som alltid, veldig rampete, men utrolig snille og morsomme 🙂
      HVis du lurte, så er det en Golden Retriever (Lucy), en petit basset griffon vendeen-valp (Victor), 4 Flat Coated Retrievere (Shanti, Oprah, Petite og Elle) og to Mellom-Schnauzere (Luna & Lexie)

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