What do you think? + Q&A

About these “inspiration; randomness”-posts? Do you like them? Are they boring? Or just too ordinary to be interesting?

Please, please, pleeaase let me know, by commenting on this post here 😉


Over to the second part of the post. Questions and answers! Ask me anything, and I’ll answer the best I can. Is it anything you would like to know about me? Don’t be afraid of asking! Ask for idols, style-ikons, music, favourite food, colours, blogs I read etc… Come on, guys!



Comment here on this post, and I’ll make a post with the answers in 3 days… Maybe I’ll make a video? Hmm, gotta think on that one…




2 thoughts on “What do you think? + Q&A

  1. Hvor mange kjærester har du hatt?
    Beskriv drømmemannen din!
    Er du mest fan av Harry Potter eller The Hunger Games?
    Liker du å bake?

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