10 things you didn’t know about me (probably)

Number one:

I’m a HUUGE potterhead! Actually, I ordered my Ravenclaw-robe today… Yeey ❤



Number two:

I love fashion. But I don’t think people see it, ’cause I’m not the ordinary fashion-freak. I would love to work with fashion, though. But I’m not as talented as a designer should be, and I’m not photogenic AT ALL, and I’m not pretty enough, so I could never be a model. Even though people tell me all the time that I have the body to do it…

Number three:

I’m addicted to music. And sugar. And maybe internet too, I guess.

Number four:

My grades are superb, and therefore, everybody thinks I’m a nerd. And I’m a bookworm, DELUXE!

Want this SO BAD!

Number five:

I love photography! Why are cameras so expensive?? 😦 I usually use my family’s camera (Canon Eos 350d), but I want my own 😛

(Yes, it’s me, in Barcelona)

Number six:

I’ve never been in love.

Number seven:

I’ve had several blogs before this. 6 blogs + two tumblrs, actually.

Number eight:

I wish I was a good blogger. And that my blog was more popular. But no, I’m not. I am a really bad blogger, and not the type you usually think would blog. And neither is my blog popular.

Number nine:

I’m extremely lazy. Seriously, I am.

Number ten:

I love Marthe Bøe Rustand. She is the coolest girl I know, with the best style ever! Love u ❤






If you didn’t understand it, the last one was requested.

So here’s the real number ten:

I’m crazy. Simply crazy!






Well… This was probably a very interesting entry, right? (NOT!) But I didn’t have anything else to blog about. Though, what do you think? Should I do this more often? Similar entries? Comment with alternatives, and I’ll be superhappy!



Good night!




6 thoughts on “10 things you didn’t know about me (probably)

  1. I enjoyed reading that 🙂 probably because I’m a nerdy bookworm myself (hell, I even STUDY literature!can you top that??), would really love to work in fashion but unfortunately am not pro-anorexic and love food (darn!), have been in love multiple times, but wished I never had been. Am a HUGE Potter fan, and I’m not only talking about the books, I even went to the cinema to see HPATDH Part 2…ALONE, because my friends didn’t want to waste their money (pfff…what do you need friends for??) AND my blog has only 40 regular followers, so I’m not really the next Satorialist either 🙂 I guess we have a lot in common!

    • Haha! Yeah, I guess we have a lot in common! I’m not old enough to study, though. But when I get older, I wanna study architecture, I think! 🙂
      I’m lucky to have several Potterhead-friends, so I didn’t go alone. And if there was another movie, I wouldn’t go alone then either! But it isn’t more movies coming, gaaah 😦 And no more books either… 😥

  2. Love it! I can relate to your first point. I’m a HUGE (Huge is an understatement actually) Potterhead and I ordered a Slytherin robe recently and wore it to the Harry Potter exhibition happening in my country. Do post a pic of your robe when it arrives? Would love to see it!:)

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