Random words of wisdom

I have made a new category here on the blog. It is called RWOW, which is short for Random Words Of Wisdom. Once in a while, maybe once a week, I will post something in this category. Today is the first of many RWOW-days, and I hope you’ll find some words you like. If you have a quote or Word of Wisdom you particularly like, send it to me and I can post it in the next RWOW-post. Send me a link, the quote/word of wisdom or the picture in a comment. Or you can simply e-mail me! (You can find my address in the contact me-page on the top of the blog)



My nails at the moment

Poorly made, I know, but an really cool idea! Got inspired by Cutepolish on Youtube.  She has a tutorial if you want to try!


Yes, the quality of the picture is terrible (taken by a cell-phone camera, uploaded to facebook, then to the blog).



What do you think?

Do you like nail polish and nail design? 🙂





inspiration; rings / I’m still alive

Yes, I am alive. And a bad blogger. I will become better eventually, but not yet, sorry. Going to a summer camp tomorrow (1 week) and I’m not sure if I have internet there. But here is a post while I’m packing! 🙂






PS! If you want me to become a better writer/blogger, please give me something to work with! If you could give me criticism (positive and constructive) or subjects I can blog about,  I would be very grateful! 🙂


Ask me or something

Well, since I can’t come up with anything to make an interesting post about, I want you to ask me about things! You decide what sort of things, either questions about me, or things you want me to blog about. So, go ahead! Leave a comment below 🙂

Guess where I’m going on thursday!

Back in Norway now, but I’m leaving again on Thursday! Guess where?


And not just that, I’m going with my second cousin, who also is a really, really good friend of mine!

This is me and her, when we went downhill skiing this winter. Can’t wait, Telma! 🙂




What are your plans for the summer?

10 things you didn’t know about me (probably)

Number one:

I’m a HUUGE potterhead! Actually, I ordered my Ravenclaw-robe today… Yeey ❤



Number two:

I love fashion. But I don’t think people see it, ’cause I’m not the ordinary fashion-freak. I would love to work with fashion, though. But I’m not as talented as a designer should be, and I’m not photogenic AT ALL, and I’m not pretty enough, so I could never be a model. Even though people tell me all the time that I have the body to do it…

Number three:

I’m addicted to music. And sugar. And maybe internet too, I guess.

Number four:

My grades are superb, and therefore, everybody thinks I’m a nerd. And I’m a bookworm, DELUXE!

Want this SO BAD!

Number five:

I love photography! Why are cameras so expensive?? 😦 I usually use my family’s camera (Canon Eos 350d), but I want my own 😛

(Yes, it’s me, in Barcelona)

Number six:

I’ve never been in love.

Number seven:

I’ve had several blogs before this. 6 blogs + two tumblrs, actually.

Number eight:

I wish I was a good blogger. And that my blog was more popular. But no, I’m not. I am a really bad blogger, and not the type you usually think would blog. And neither is my blog popular.

Number nine:

I’m extremely lazy. Seriously, I am.

Number ten:

I love Marthe Bøe Rustand. She is the coolest girl I know, with the best style ever! Love u ❤






If you didn’t understand it, the last one was requested.

So here’s the real number ten:

I’m crazy. Simply crazy!






Well… This was probably a very interesting entry, right? (NOT!) But I didn’t have anything else to blog about. Though, what do you think? Should I do this more often? Similar entries? Comment with alternatives, and I’ll be superhappy!



Good night!




Like a waving flag

My nails last week! I decided to paint each nail with the flag of a country I’ve been to. From the top on the first picture:

France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Croatia

The second picture:

Ireland, Great Britain, Spain, Italy and Norway



What do you think?




Another update

Still in Barcelona, still in an absolutely beautiful city! After walking up Las Ramblas we went to a tapas-restaurant, where we ate delicious food like chorizo sausages, brie (cheese) and serrano ham. And Crema Catalana for dessert, yum!
After dinner, we went to Sagrada Família. On the way we saw some of Gaudi’s other buildings, like La Pedrera. Gaudi was an amazing architect! Quite mad, but brilliant as well. Definately going to go back to Sagrada Família tomorrow, and see if I can get a look inside!
Coming more soon! And also pictures when I get home 😀 (We leave Spain on Friday evening)
Adios, amigos!

A little update

Arrived in Barcelona today. I’ve already been in Spain for one and a half week, in Calp (outside Alicante) and in L’Estartit on Costa Brava. Yestersay, me and my family went snorkeling by the Medes Islands, and it was simply beautiful!
Right now, I’m watching Tour De France, while mum and dad is planning where to go. Sagrada Família? Las Ramblas? Tapas-dinner? We’ll see…
BTW, we live right next to Las Ramblas, it’s just 100 metres away! This is the life!
Sorry for no pictures, I’m blogging from my phone. See you later!